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The Story So Far

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The story so far:
20 March 2008 Image navigation improvements (When viewing an Image - Previous and next image displayed as well as a click through to the next image on the main image)
  Gallerys by type display updated.
12 March 2008 Voting added per image. The site also remembers what you voted for each image ! So make each vote count !!!
8 March 2008 Comment History Added, along with the ability to Delete or Hide comments (Delete = Removes a comment from the site, Hide = Hides the comment from your Members Home Page)
  Messaging complete, let me know if there are any issues. Just a quick FYI, If a message is removed from your inbox and the other party replies it is automatically re-added to your Inbox.
2 March 2008


  • User can now send messages
  • Inbox added
  • Site Updates page included in Inbox
  • Unread sent messages display created
  • Unread New messages now also displayed on Members Home page

Still need to add view / reply and delete messages functionality

29 Feb 2008 Users can now decide if they want their images watermarked or not, this can be done at any point, even after images have been uploaded, users simply need to edit their gallery, this is available on a per gallery basis. (Watermarking / Not Watermarking is applied across the board, including slideshows.)
28 Feb 2008 Uploaded Images are now BUMP Branded.
  Where Image embedded metadata is available in an image the data is displayed when an image is viewed.
24 Feb 2008 Slide show functionality added to the galleries, MAKE SURE YOU TRY THE FULL SCREEN MODE !!! IT'S AWESOME!!!! ;)
  Images can now be rotated under Image Manage
17 Feb 2008

Friend Functionality Updated:

  • Remove Friends Added (Removing them for your profile along with any galleries they had access to)
  • Resending of Friendship Requests
  • Removing of old Friendship Requests
  • Notification now gets mailed when a user accepts another users friendship
  Started Implementing Messaging (Not 100% Functional, but getting there)
12 Jan 2008 Users are Now able to view their galleries by access type

Gallery access now complete, users can only see galleries that are allocated to them, with the following rules being in place:

  • Public = Anyone can view the gallery
  • Private (All Friends) = Only approved friends can see the gallery
  • Private (Specified Friends) = Only specified friends can view the gallery
  • Private (Just Me) = Gallery will only be viewable to it's creator / owner
  Users can now send notifications to their friends, letting them know of updates, etc
8 Jan 2008 Recently viewed images now scroll across the top of the site
4 Jan 2008 Newest 16 Public Images added to site landing page
  Members Home Page Enhanced With Recent User's Uploaded Images

1 Jan 2008 User text added to users profile
  User Search Now Working
  User Profiles are now displayed along with Galleries (Gallery Access Rules in place)
  Galleries are now linked to user profiles
  Users Now able to request friendship with other users.
  Friends Section Now Active

30 Dec 2007 AJAX added to "Add To Fav's" Button, Page no longer requires refreshing, Functional now works in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.
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